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Air Cleaner For Home

Odor sensor + anti-tip switch air cleaner for home Applicable area 14-24㎡CADR 200m³/h shop air cleaner China manufacture 65w air purifier with humidifier

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Meet the K03 Air Purifier

Our product can eliminate PM2.5, secondhand smoke, air odors, smog, dust, lung particles and allergenic pollen. It is also capable of killing bacteria, viruses and natural bacteria. Designed with simple outlook and smart size, it will help you breathe and sleep better and improve your immunity at the same time.

personal air cleaner.png

Technical Specs

Product Name

personal air cleaner



Application Area

14-24 square meter




White or custom



Negative Ions

20 million/cm3






Odor sensor

Protection Function

Anti-tip switch


365nm Ultraviolet Light

Net Weight


Chassis Material

ABS/Acrylic cover



Picture Presentation

oem air cleaner.png

Panel button definition:

1.PM2.5 display indicator light, Display real-time air quality

2.Sleep, the noise level is whisper quiet at 24dB with no interruptions while you sleep

3.Speed, 3 settings to give you ample choice in fan speed

4.Timer, application operates for a set number of hours ans automatically switch off when set has elapsed

5.Humidify, Ultrasonic humidification

6.Mist, adjust the amount of humidity

7.Anion, Negative ion purification

Intelligent Odor Sensor System

It can automatically adjust air purification system according to the space's air quality. it can adjust fan speed according to the air quality.

Bad(Red)   Ordinary(Yellow)    Good(Green)

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hotel air cleaner.png

Aluminum Filter: Filter the larger volume particles, washable

Cold Catalyst Filter: Catalyzes of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter: Rapid adsorption of odor, decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, second-hand smoke.

Sterilizing Filter: Eliminating floating dust particulates, acarid, microorganism.

High Efficiency HEPA Filter: Eliminates mold, dust, allergens and bacterial.

Ultraviolet Sterilize Light: Rapidly kills viruses and bacterial.

Anion Purification: Improves air quality, multiple health benefits.

 2018 air cleaner.png

hot sale air cleaner.png

factory air cleaner.png      

There are three scientific research platform in R&D center, They are focusing on the technical research of air purification, which aimed at purifying the air duct, cleaning materials and purifying efficiency of the filter screen, and applying advanced and mature technology to the home air purifier

There are 15 professional researchers in R&D center, 3 people with senior professional title with the rank of a professor, 2 doctors, 2 masters and 10 people with a bachelor's degree or above. Most of them have above 10 years experience in home appliance industry R&D experience and worked in LG, Midea, Haier and other front-line home appliance enterprises.

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