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Air Cleaner For House

double air duct, double filter indoor hepa air cleaner Removes 99%+ of airborne allergens & particulates air purifier for large room Suitable for home office shop of 56-96, square meter, CADR 800m³/h Humanization design, Anti fall off switch and return pulley design negative ionizer air purifiers Double pre-filter, double hepa + activated carbon filter + UV light + Anion purifier

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About Olansi Manufacture

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a premier high-tech healthy and environmental friendly factory for purifier. Over 10 years’ experience, with an integrated research and development program. Our activities includes research, development, injection, assembling, sales and after sales. We are a pure source of quality solution of air purifier, water purifiers, hydrogen water maker and other heath care products. We have got 25 design patent. Now Olansi is one of China’s top 5 largest OEM purification products factories. We sell to over 20 countries and key markets and annual turnover is over $100 million.

Meet the K15 Air Purifier

Our Air Cleaner with ecological anion technology and the high-end eco-anion generating chip technology can produce eco-grade anion with small particle size, high activity and long distance of natural diffusion. No need of external fan blowing, only with their own activity can diffuse throughout the classroom, forming a high concentration of negative oxygen ion bath environment, to achieve indoor pollution of the ultra-micro-purification. Since no fan is needed, no noise will be generated during the whole work, which will not bother your sleep.

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Technical Specs

Product Name

air cleaner for house




White or custom

Product Dimension


Chassis Material

ABS/Acrylic cover

Gross Weight








Application Area

56-96 square meter



Negative Ions

50 million/cm3




Double pre-filter, double H12 hepa + activated carbon filter + Sterilizing UV light + Anion purifier + Anion

Auto processing

Dust sensor + light sensor + PM2.5 Display + filter change indicator


365nm Ultraviolet Light

Control Operation

Wifi App control + Panel Buttons + Remote Control

Protection Function

Power off once cover open + child lock

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Purify 36 Square Meters Room, Only 10 Minutes
Strong Purification of High Efficiency Composite Filtration
Cloth compound filter net = imported high-quality coconut shell activated carbon + H11 HEPA filter

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APP control
APP intelligent air management, air quality at a glance

child lock design
prevent children from mistaken touch

micro switch
power off automatically when open cover

response time 1 second
work stably after opening the machine for 6 seconds.
Real-time monitoring, accurate and stable data
Monitoring grain size range from 0.3μm~10μm
? Effective range: PM2.5 0~1000μg/m3

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What's Included


Research Process

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Customer Intention
Customer put forward demand.
Research, interview,  and decide the needs on spot.

Marketing Research
Make a deep analysis according to the big date

Appearance Design
Customized by senior  foreign design company.

Product Design
Set up the project team for product design.

Validation Experience
Have functions verification and user experience for the prototype.

Mold Molding
Mold production.

Product Achievement
Small batch trial manufacture products.  
Mass product after passing inspect.

Product Summary
Make prototype for the first time
Customer confirmation

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