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Hepa Air Cleaner

5 layer filters negative ion air cleaner 365nm Ultraviolet Light office air purifier CADR 160 m³/ h, suitable 11-22 sq.m, low noise at 20.4dB portable air purifier

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Meet the K01 Air Purifier

Hepa Air Cleaner is an air purifying device with negative ions as purification factors, which gets rid of the dependence of the traditional air purifying equipment on the filter net and fan, and makes use of the characteristics of high negative ions activity and long natural diffusion distance to effectively coagulate and settle the PM2.5 and other fine dust particles in the space.uv led air purifier.pngair purifier with pm2.5 display.png


Eliminates PM2.5, secondhand smoke, air odors, and smog
Remove dust, lung particles, allergenic pollen
Eliminates harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene and other TVOC
Kills bacteria, viruses, natural bacteria
Helps you breathe and sleep better and improves human immunity
Increases oxygen supply to the brain and enhances cardiovascular function

Technical Specs

Product Name:            Hepa Air Cleaner
CADR:                          160m3/h
Noise:                           20.4dB
PM2.5:                          99%
Application Area:         11-22 square meter
Sensor:                         Odor sensor
Color:                           Black, Blue, White, Pink,Yellow
Product Dimension:     330*180*505mm
Chassis Material:          ABS/Acrylic cover
Gross Weight:              6.3KG
Voltage:                       220V/50Hz
Power:                         40W
Negative Ions:             20 million/cm3
Filter:                           Cold Catalyst Filter + Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter + High                                                            Efficiency HPA Filter + Sterilizing UV light + Anion purifier
Sterilization:                365nm Ultraviolet Light
Control Operation :     Panel Buttons + Remote Control



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