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house air purification system

Using high temperature melt spray fiber drawing. By combining small particles with a multifunctional filter, the HEPA filter can filter out tiny particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacterial mold, dust, allergens and some viruses. The world health organization's publications show that bird flu, human influenza and legionnaires' bacteria are all greater than 20 nanometers.

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House Air Purification System

Indoor pollution is more serious than outdoor pollution

According to the World Health Organization:

100,000 people worldwide each year.

He died of asthma because of indoor air pollution.

35% of them are children.

Product Details

Product Name

For Honeywell Air Cleaner





Product Dimension


Package Size


Chassis Material


Gross Weight


Net Weight



DC 10-15v, 300-500mA




Car air purifier



Negative Ions

50 million/cm³


HEPA Filter

Filter System

Active Loader Waylay Filter

Three Function


Physical Pollution,Pollen,Dust,PM2.5. Smoke


Chemical Pollution



Biological,Contamination,Bacteria,Germs,Mold,Fungus,Insect Mite

Product Comparison


Filtration effect


Voice rate

The normal filter can not effectively filter the large particles, easy to plug, and the second layer filter filter screen greatly reduces the service life.

No HAF filter material can effectively absorb particles.

Additional aromatherapy and other functions not only consume high energy, but also cause secondary pollution.

Reach industrial level 65 decibels.

Unique open structure, make filter material more energy saving, longer life

Electrostatic resident technology allows the filter material to remain static and adsorb various sizes of particles.

When the air passes through the filter element, it will not be blocked by the filter material to reduce the air volume, and the purification efficiency of HAF can be increased by 30% to 50%.

Within the level of the health sector (< 50 decibels).


Low noise - 20 decibels

Low energy consumption - 1 w

Three style for your reference.

About Olansi

Olansi Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a premier high-tech healthy and environmental friendly factory for purifier. Over 10 years’ experience, with an integrated research and development program. Our activities includes research, development, injection, assembling, sales and after sales. We are a pure source of quality solution of air purifier, water purifiers, hydrogen water maker and other heath care products. Now Olansi is one of China’s top 5 largest OEM purification products’ factories. We sell to over 20 countries and key markets and annual turnover is over $100 million.

High-Tech Enterprises

Our facatory won high-technology enterprises in 2016, and certificate number is GR201644000718.

Four products were identified as high-tech products.

Powerful suction filter ultra quiet air purifier.

Household multifuntional negative ion air purifier.

New easy-to-instal umlti-layer filter air pruifier.

Low carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient water purifier.

Why choose us?

1. Patent: obtain all patents for our products.

2. Experience: Provide OEM and ODM service, such as mold making, injection molding.

3. Certificate: CCE, CB, CCC, CQC, RoHs, ERP and ISO.

4. Warranty service: One year guarantee period, if the quality problems occurs within one year, we will replace the new one to you.

5. Provide support: Provide technical information and technical training output support regularly .

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