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residential air purification

Car Air purifier K05:For Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Unique open structure, make filter material more energy saving, longer life

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Residential Air Purification

The latest data confirms:

1.68% of human diseases are related to air pollution;

2.air pollution is the first of 18 types of carcinogenic factors;

3.The 20 most polluted cities in the world, 16 in China;

4.One third of China's urban population is breathing heavily polluted air!

Product Technical Specs

Product Name

Car Air Purifier





Product Dimension


Package Size


Chassis Material


Gross Weight


Net Weight



DC 10-15v, 300-500mA




Car air purifier



Negative Ions

50 million/cm³


HEPA Filter

Filter System

Active Loader Waylay Filter

Three Car Air Purifier Style for Your choose.

Fresh the Environment in Your Car. Fresh Air and Health Life.

Purification performance

360 Degrees to Clean up the Interior Environment of Car.

1, HEPA Percolator

(1)Using high temperature melt spray fiber drawing. The HEPA filter can filter out tiny particles larger than 20 nanometers, including bacterial mold, dust, allergens and some viruses.

(2)Filter accuracy is 99.9%, the aperture is 0.01 um, HEPA filter is a new type of high object completely purification materials, do not need any energy at room temperature, can achieve dust (99.97%), the purpose of sterilization (99.99%).

2.Negative ion purification

(1)Dust removal and electrostatic removal.

(2)Increase the brain's supply of oxygen, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and improve human immunity.

Anion Releasing

Anion can not only efficient eliminating dust,sterilizing, purifying air,but cant also help contribute to human body synthesis and store vitamin,enhancing and activating physiological activities of body,

so it is also called "air vitamin".

About Olansi

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Olansi healthcare co,.ltd Products includes the following:

1, Air purifier

2, Hydrogen water

3, Water purifier

We provide the air purifier,hydrogen rich water,water purifier etc healthcare products,mainly focus on home appliances.

Why choose us?

1.Professional OEM and ODM Healthcare produts manufacturer with over 10 years experience.

2.25 design patents.

3.R&D Department: 30 engineers' R&D team,the R&D director from Midea group

4.CE,CB,ROHS,FDA,ERP approval by SGS; BSCI & ISO 9001 certificates.

5.With us your money in safe your business in safe.

6.Full refund in case of bad quality or late delivery.

7.Confidentiality Agreement "Business Secret Contract".

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