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For Honeywell Hepa Air Cleaner

For Honeywell Hepa Air Cleaner K02 CADR 200m³/h Application Area 30-35㎡ Noise 18dB

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For Honeywell Hepa Air Cleaner

Meet with us here, model Humidify Air Cleaner K02

Create a cleaner and fresher breathing environment for you

Odor sensing smart system/ humidifier

Following detail:

The damage of air pollution

The damage of air pollution to human body and health

Three ways to damage human body of air pollutants

1. Injured after contact with the human body surface;

2. Get poisoning after eating foods and water containing air pollutants;

3. Inhalation of contaminated air causes various serious diseases;

From the following form, we can see that various air pollutants enter the human body through various channels, and the impact on the human body are manifold. Moreover, it has brought us great harm.

Technical Specs

Product Name

Humidifier Air Purifier




White, Green, Silver

Product Dimension


Package Size


Chassis Material


Gross Weight


Net Weight








Application Area




Negative Ions

50 million/cm³




Cold Catalyst Filter + Antibacterial Filter + Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter + High Efficiency HEPA Filter


Odor Sensor


365nm Ultraviolet Light


Ultrasonic Vibration Humidification

Protection Function

Dumping Switch

Control Operation

Panel Buttons + Remote Control


CADR 200m³/h

Hepa Filter

Negative Lon Generator

Germicidal UV Lamp

High Efficient Filters

3-Speed Humidifier

Air Quality Display

Humidification Function

The machine has a humidification function, in the dry weather can open the humidification function.

The functions of humidification:

1. Increase air humidity and improve people’s breathing quality. Effectively remove the air in the musty, smoke and odor, so that the air is more fresh.

2. Moisturize the skin, more beauty.

To promote human facial cell blood circulation and metabolism, relieve nervous tension,eliminate fatigue.

Antibacterial cotton strainer

1.We adopt the diameter fiber non-woven fabrics imported from the United States, which has the characteristics of antibacterial, moisture-proof, mildew resistant and not easy to breed bacteria.

2.Have destroy bacterial cell wall, cell membrane rupture, cytoplasm without leakage, terminate the process of microbial metabolism, make the microbial growth and reproduction, the mite and bacteria have efficient removal effect, etc.

Anion Releasing

Anion can not only efficient eliminating dust,sterilizing, purifying air,

but cant also help contribute to human body synthesis and store vitamin,

enhancing and activating physiological activities of body,

so it is also called "air vitamin".

Olansi Evaluation Center

Olansi evaluation center is the product research and performance evaluation platform that

build by Olansi with a fortune costs and there are more than 100 units equipment. Product

testing ability conforms to the standard authoritative testing institutions and guarantee

product quality and performance.

Our facatory won high-technology enterprises in 2016, and certificate number is GR201644000718.

Four products were identified as high-tech products.

Powerful suction filter ultra quiet air purifier.

Household multifuntional negative ion air purifier.

New easy-to-instal umlti-layer filter air pruifier.

Low carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient water purifier.

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