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Hepa Air Filter Machine

The top air outlet is erasing the form of sunlight dispersion to increase the visual divergence effect.Simple operation interface, clear at a glance. The overall texture of the top surface of the surrounding electroplated bright line

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hepa air filter machine

Product Introduction

The Hepa Air Filter Machine is an air purifying device with negative ions as purification factors, which gets rid of the dependence of the traditional air purifying equipment on the filter net and fan, and makes use of the characteristics of high negative ions activity and long natural diffusion distance to effectively coagulate and settle the PM2.5 and other fine dust particles in the space.


Product specifications


Product features

Good design: make air purifier and lonizer in one design

Good quality: Adopt Top Rated HEPA Filter and sensor form SHINYEI KAISHA (Japan)

High efficiency: Use Japanese Customized Motor, which is quiet and energy saving

Very safe to use: With Child Lock Function

7-Stage Purifications:

Primary Filter: Filter the larger volume particles, can wash by water.

Cold Catalyst Filter: Catalyzes of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC.

Cellular-Activated Carbon Filter: Rapid adsorption of odor, decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, second-hand smoke.

Antibacterial Filter : Removes fine particulates, acariens, microbe, bacterials.

High Efficiency HEPA Filter: Eliminates mold, dust, allergens and bacterial.

Ultraviolet Sterilize Light: Rapidly kills viruses and bacterial.

Anion Purification: Improves air quality, multiple health benefits.


Q: What's the CADR of this K07 air purifier?

A: CADR is 350m3/h

Q:What's the suitable area for this model?

A: Suggest to keep in 35-50 square meter room.

Q:What's the advantages of this models?

A: With space to store the Aromatherapy.

Q: Does the machine can be control by wifi?

A: Yes, we already have mass productions equip with wifi functions.

Q:Do you selling to Europe?

A: Yes, Europe is our main market, especially germany, Poland,Spain,Italy,Bulgaria,Czech Republic etc.

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