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Hepa Room Air Filter

The top air outlet is erasing the form of sunlight dispersion to increase the visual divergence effect.Simple operation interface, clear at a glance. The overall texture of the top surface of the surrounding electroplated bright line

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Product Introduction

The top air outlet is erasing the form of sunlight dispersion to increase the visual divergence effect.Simple operation interface, clear at a glance. The overall texture of the top surface of the surrounding electroplated bright line.


Product specifications

Product Name

Negative Ion Air Purifier





Chassis Material


Product Dimension


Package Size


Gross Weight


Net Weight








Negative Ions

50 million/cm³

Application Area

38 square meter






Aluminum Filter(washable) + Cold Catalyst Filter + Antibacterial Filter + Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter + High Efficiency HEPA Filter


Filter Replacement Reminder +  Children Lock + Clock + PM2.5 Diplsy + Touch-screen


365nm Ultraviolet Light

Control Operation

Panel Buttons + Remote Control

Product features


7-Stage Purifications:

Aluminum Filter: Filter the larger volume particles, can wash by water.

Cold Catalyst Filter: Catalyzes of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC.

Formaldehyde Filter: Remove of formaldehyde fast and efficient.

Antibacterial Filter : Removes fine particulates, acariens, microbe, bacterials.

HEPA Filter: Eliminates mold, dust, allergens and bacterial.

Ultraviolet Sterilize Light: Rapidly kills viruses and bacterial.

Anion Purification: Improves air quality, multiple health benefits.


Cold catalyst Filter

The catalytic decomposition of cold catalyst does not need ultraviolet, high temperature and high pressure. In the normal living environment, it can play a catalytic effect to control pollution.2. can decompose a variety of harmful gases: cold catalyst can catalyze the reaction of various harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulfide, and the oxygen in the air, to produce water and carbon dioxide.3. long term play the role: in the process of catalytic reaction, once used in the case of no external force damage, the effective period of up to five years, basically with the release period of formaldehyde, the long-term effect of formaldehyde treatment is good.


Honeycomb activated carbon filter

we adopt the environment friendly PP shell honeycomb, use the porous structure honeycomb network, fill the columnar granular activated carbon in the through hole, the carbon content is high. Compared with the traditional activated carbon filter, it has better gas dynamic performance, high adsorption efficiency and small wind resistance coefficient.2. active carbon attached to high efficiency catalyst, can greatly improve the ability to remove all kinds of harmful gases, can decompose formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia and other harmful substances, the removal rate is above 99%, its speed is fast, and the saturated adsorption capacity is large.3., we used coconut shell activated carbon requirements point value: more than 900 (technical parameters) is equivalent to 18 football field filter area, carbon density: 200g + 20g.


Negative ions

Negative ions make the indoor dust, smoke, virus and bacteria together with positive charge, and lose the free floating ability in the air to quickly decrease the air and eliminate the static electricity. At the same time, it can increase the oxygen supply of the brain, promote the circulation of blood and metabolism, and improve the immunity of the human body. 10 million ions/cm³ high concentration purification.


UV light

The light wave length of the UV ultraviolet lamp 365nm destroys the cell tissue and cleavages the molecular key of the odour gas bacterial virus, so that the contaminant molecules in the free state are combined with the ozone oxidation into harmless small molecules. The natural bacteria killing rate of more than 92%



1.Air purifier + Ionizer Design (2 in 1)

2.Quality: Top Rated HEPA Filter Produce Clean Air

3.Efficient: GREE Customized Motor, Quiet, Save energy

4.Quiet: 18dB~55dB, Won't Bother Your Sleep

5.Air Quality Sensor: From SHINYEI KAISHA (Japan)

6.Safety: Child Lock Function

7.Ultra-thin with clock indicator.

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