Home Air Purifier Systems

home air purifier systems with 6 Layer filter Purification Cold Catalyst Filter + Antibacterial Filter + Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter + High Efficiency HEPA Filter

Product Details

Home Air Purifier Systems


Technical Specs

Product Name

Air Purifier




White, Blue, Green, Black, Champagne

Product Dimension


Package Size


Chassis Material


Gross Weight


Net Weight








Application Area

30 ㎡



Negative Ions

50 million/cm³




Cold Catalyst Filter + Antibacterial Filter + Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter + High Efficiency HEPA Filter


Odor Sensor (Optional)


365nm Ultraviolet Light

Control Operation

Panel Buttons + Remote Control


CADR 160m³/h

Keyboard + remote control

High efficiently hepa filter

5 layer filter purification


Six-layer filtration, double purification, fresher air

Ⅰ.cold catalyst filter

Ⅱ.Honeycomb activated carbon filter

Ⅲ.sterilization cotton filter

Ⅳ.HEPA filter

V. Ultraviolet sterilization

Honeycomb activated carbon filter

In accordance with the standards of household purifiers filter adsorption materials, using loose polymer materials as carriers, the surface of the charcoal is coated with a high-efficiency


catalyst, so that the adsorption capacity is strong, the air resistance is small, and the coarse-column filter function is good.Using high-quality powdered activated carbon as adsorbent


material, it is carried on natural fibers, chemical fibers or blended fibers. Made of non-woven substrate. Has good adsorption and dust collection characteristics, good formability, strong ,High, low airflow resistance. Honeycomb activated carbon absorbs harmful gases such as benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, and ammonia,The rate can reach more than 98%.

Children has low immunity and are prone to invading bacteria and viruses to purify their family environment.

Anion Releasing

Anion can not only efficient eliminating dust,sterilizing, purifying air,

but cant also help contribute to human body synthesis and store vitamin,

enhancing and activating physiological activities of body,

so it is also called "air vitamin".

Ultraviolet sterilization, rapid killing of viruses, bacteria, etc.

hyla air purifier

Olansi is one of a premier high-tech healthy and environmental friendly factory in

China and also take part in many big scale exhibition around the world.

Such as the Household Expo in Russia, IFA in Germany, ARAB HEALTH in Dubai,

HKTDC in Hong Kong and Canton Fair in Guangzhou. 


toilet air purifier

OEM ODM Advantages

The air purifier R&D director,Mr Chen xueming, Bachelor degree,Graduate from WUT university,

Major in Mold design and manufacturing.with over 15 years experiences in air purifier field.He has successfuled develped Olansi K09,K15 series air purifier,this 2 models air purifier honored very good

requtation from the China and overseas markets.

Olansi Evaluation Center

Olansi evaluation center is the product research and performance evaluation platform that

build by Olansi with a fortune costs and there are more than 100 units equipment. Product

testing ability conforms to the standard authoritative testing institutions and guarantee

product quality and performance. ecaluatin center-02


* ISO9001:2008 quality system certification

* CE, CB, CCC, CQC, RoHs, ERP approval of air purifier

* NSF, PONY approval of water purifier

* FDA approval of Hydrogen water maker bottle

* ISO, BSCI approval of Olansi Company 

* Chinese national mandatory product

* Institute for environment health and related products

* National drinking water product health satety cetification by Ministry of Public Health of China. 

Up to now, Olansi has applied for several patents, and the new products have filled the blank in the water treatment equipment and air purifier industry. we have set a precedent in the industry. Olansi will have a  fothold in the water purifier and air purifier industry, and find more corporation chances.

Why choose us? 

1.Professional OEM and ODM Healthcare produts manufacturer with over 10 years experience.

2.25 design patents.

3.R&D Department: 30 engineers' R&D team,the R&D director from Midea group

4.CE,CB,ROHS,FDA,ERP approval by SGS; BSCI & ISO 9001 certificates.

5.With us your money in safe your business in safe.

6.Full refund in case of bad quality or late delivery.

7.Confidentiality Agreement "Business Secret Contract".

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