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Room Air Purification

Room Air Purification

GOOD FILTER GOOD LIFE H12 high-efficiency composite clamp carbon cloth filter Effective adsorption of formaldehyde, minimum blocking particles 0.02 microns

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Room Air Purification

Technical Specs





Brushless DC Motor

Rated Power


Applicable Area




Product Size


Protection Function

Power off once cover open + Child Lock

Auto processing

Dust Sensor + Light Sensor + PM2.5 display + Filter change indicator

Method of Cleaning

Double Pre-filter / Double HEPA + Activated Carbon Filter

Sterilizing UV light / Anion Purifier + Anion

Double Air Duct. Double Filter

CADR value reach 800m3/h

Purifying 30m2 room only need 6 minutes

Applicable area 56-96m2


Low Noise


Product size for showing


purifier air

1. composite folder carbon filter

2.Composite folder carbon cloth filter and traditional filter comparison

3. Ionizer

4. Filter change indicator

5. Four purification mode + four gear speed purification

6. triple protection child lock + open cover power + tilt power

7.WIFI function

8.Sleep mode

9.pm1.0 particle sensor

10 .Light indicator

11. Duct, Fan and motor design

12.360° Caster


Convenient handles on both sides

Wisdom WIFI function, master the remote control;

APP control

child lock design

micro switch


Effective removal of PM2.5, dust, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, viruses, odor, soot, secondhand smoke and other air pollution.



electric air purifier

About Olansi

company information&product process


1.Air purifier + Ionizer + Humidifier Design (3 in 1)

2.Quality: Top Rated HEPA Filter Produce Clean Air

3.Efficient: GREE Customized Motor, Quiet, Save energy

4.Quiet: 18dB~55dB, Won't Bother Your Sleep

5.Air Quality Sensor: From SHINYEI KAISHA (Japan)

6.Safety: Dumping Switch 

7.CE, CE, Rohs, CCC, ERP, SGS Approval

Company strength

There are three scientific research platform in R&D center They are focusing on the technical research of air purification, which aimed at purifying the air duct, cleaning materials and purifying efficiency of the filter screen, and applying advanced and mature technology to the home air purifier.

There are 15 professional researchers in R&D center, 3 people with senior professional title with the rank of a professor, 2 doctors, 2 masters and 10 people with a bachelor's degree or above. More than 70% of them have intermediate or above technical titles. Most of them have above 10 years experience in home appliance industry R&D experience and worked in LG, Midea, Haier and other front-line home appliance enterprises.




Mould Factory

We are able to open the mould independently to ensure mold precision.Such as the our air duct. It is the mold open on our own.


Injection Factory

The Injection workshop owns 12 new injection molding machine. The maximum one is up to 780T, and these are equip with a new set injection auxiliary equipment.


Assembling Factory

We have 4 lines for air purifier and 4 lines for water purifier. There are totally 9 lines. We also provide OEM/ODM product customized.


ecaluatin center-01

High-Tech Enterprises

Our facatory won high-technology enterprises in 2016, and certificate number is GR201644000718.

Four products were identified as high-tech products.

Powerful suction filter ultra quiet air purifier.

Household multifuntional negative ion air purifier.

New easy-to-instal umlti-layer filter air pruifier.

Low carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient water purifier.


Up to now, Olansi has applied for several patents, and the new products have filled the blank in the water treatment equipment and air purifier industry. we have set a precedent in the industry. Olansi will have a  fothold in the water purifier and air purifier industry, and find more corporation chances.



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