Car Air Purifier Mini

Car air purifier mini 1. Product Introduction of car air purifier mini The top air outlet is erasing the form of sunlight dispersion to increase the visual divergence effect.Simple operation interface, clear at a glance. The overall texture of the top surface of the surrounding electroplated...

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Car air purifier mini

1. Product Introduction

After installing our Car Air Purifier Mini in the car, it can quickly remove the harmful substances in the car and make you breathe freely. You won't have the feeling of chest stuffiness and dizziness anymore. It can also sterilize, disinfect and absorb formaldehyde especially, ideal to the new car purification effect. Choose our purifier to eliminate odors quickly. For owners who like to smoke, it can also play a role in eliminating harmful substances produced by cigarette burning.


2. Product specifications


3. Product features of car air purifier mini

The catalytic decomposition of cold catalyst does not need ultraviolet, high temperature and high pressure. In the normal living environment, it can play a catalytic effect to control pollution.2. can decompose a variety of harmful gases: cold catalyst can catalyze the reaction of various harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen sulfide, and the oxygen in the air, to produce water and carbon dioxide.3. long term play the role: in the process of catalytic reaction, once

5. FAQ

Q: What’s the most popular selling market for air purifier?

A: Korea,Europe

Q:What’s the advantages of this models?

A: Smart design with good quality.

Q: What filter included?

Filter & ionizer.

Q:Do you selling to Europe?

A: Yes, Europe is our main market, especially germany, Poland,Spain,Italy,Bulgaria,Czech Republic etc.

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