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Portable Hydrogen Maker

Platinum titanium alloy electrolyte natural medical stone mineral essence Food-grade PC cup body, One touch switch, USB charging port

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Technical Parameters About wholesale hydrogen water bottle

Product Item

portable hydrogen maker


White, Black, Pink, Blue, Purple or custom



Net Weight




Water temperature


Hydrogen Content

Above 1000ppb





Battery Capacity



< = 5w

Charging Time

Appro 2 Hours


USB port

Using Time

8 times of full charge


CE,CB,ROHS,FDA,ERP approval by SGS; BSCI & ISO 9001

More Picture Of Active Hydrogen Water

active hydrogen water generator.png

Platinum titanium alloy electrolyte

natural medical stone mineral essence

High solubility  Strong penetration  Emulsified fats

99.9% Hydrogen purity

5min Solution time

>1000PPb Hydrogen production

-200mV Negative Potential

korea rich hydrogen water.png

make hydrogen water more than 5 times and turn it clockwise bottom waste storage box, pouring waste water

bottom vent

Wastewater storage box can accommodate electrolysis 10 times

hydrogen water generator japan.png

Food-grade PC cup body 

Safety heat and corrosion resistance

Cap silicone seal ring 

360 degree watertight

One touch

Convenient hydrogen production

USB charging port

Waterproof plug design, safe and practical

Natural medical stone mineral essence

Ores from the depths of the mountains

hydrogen water bottle generator.png

Hydrogen and oxygen separation hydrogen water bottle

Pure Hydrogen ↑  Oxygen Ozone Chlorine Chloride ↓ 

DuPont Ion Membrane 

have the film to rest assured

When making hydrogen, the water is clear and transparent, 

SPE electrolysis, and residual chlorine and ozone are discharged.

No addition,much safer

Pure platinum coating without precipitation 

pure water, distilled water, mineral water, filtered water.

Ordinary hydrogen water bottle

Ozone Residual Chlorine Hydrogen Peroxide Oxime ↑ No membrane

The risk without membrane

When making hydrogen, the water is turbid, and no membrane electrolysis, resulting in large amounts of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and residual chlorine.harm to human body

Addition hidden problems Industrial coating precipitation of heavy metals

Available:ONLY mineral water

hydrogen drinking water.png


portable hydrogen water generator.png

Olansi electrolytic water, alkaline ph value: 7.5-9.5

portable hydrogen water bottle.png

hydrogen water generator portable.png

The History of Olansi

2009   Olansi’s first year, Water purifier put into production

          Olansi launch water purifier production line

2010   Olansi lanuch air purifier production line

2011   Olansi got ISO9001 audit

          All of Olansi air purifier got CE CB ROHS ERP CQC certificate

2013   Olansi launch hydrogen water production line

          All of hydrogen water got FDA,CE certificate

2014   Olansi cooperated with Haier,Westinghouse,Cooks,TIENS,AKIRA,Webber etc

2014   Olansi technical improvement,use H13&H14 filters;Achieved products patents;Imported                          equipment from overseas.

2015   Establish injection molding workshop, full industrial chain operation, 

          Introduce ERP system to realize digital marketing

          Establish a product evaluation center

2016   The filter production line was officially put into operation

          Hydrogen-rich water machine products are put into production

          The company won the high-tech enterprise certification    

2017   The construction of the Olans Health Industry Park was officially started. 24,000 square 

          meters of land, expanding scale

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