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Air Purifier Is Classified According To Working Principle
Jun 19, 2018

The working principle of air purifier is mainly divided into three types: passive, active, passive and passive.

According to the air purifier for the removal of particulate matter in the air, there are mainly mechanical filter, electrostatic electret filter, high voltage electrostatic dust, negative ion and plasma.

Mechanical filtration

In general, the particles are mainly captured in the following 4 ways: direct intercepting, inertial collision, Brown diffusion mechanism, screening effect. It has good collection effect on fine particles but large wind resistance. In order to obtain high purification efficiency, the resistance of filter net is larger, and the filter net needs to be tight and the life is reduced, so it needs to be replaced regularly.

High voltage electrostatic dust collection

The use of high voltage electrostatic field to ionize the gas so that the dust particles are charged to the electrode to collect dust. Although the wind resistance is small but the effect is poor on the larger particles and fiber, it will cause the discharge, and it is easy to produce ozone and form two times of pollution when cleaning trouble and wasting time.

High voltage electrostatic dust collection is a way to ensure air volume and absorb fine particles. This is the way that the particles can be charged easily by loading high voltage before the particles pass through the filter core, so that the particles can be easily adsorbed to the filter element under the action of electricity.

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