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Development Prospects Of Air Purifiers
Jan 15, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of air purifiers

The home indoor air purifier has the characteristics of flexible operation, simple use, no residue and sustainable action. It is a good helper for the family to purify the air. However, such purifiers, mainly based on dust removal and negative ions, can only retain microorganisms, and Can not kill it, negative ion purifier is only to adsorb particles and microorganisms in the air to the surface of objects such as negative ion generators and ground walls. The negative ions in the air only have some chemical properties, such as active oxygen ions. Only has the ability to invade proteins to kill microorganisms, so the ability of negative ions to purify the air is limited, and it is impossible to achieve the goal of complete purification.

Development prospects of air purifiers

Filtration adsorption is a traditional method of purifying air. Now, on the basis of some air purifier manufacturers, in order to improve the purification ability, the filter, static electricity and high-field ultraviolet anion are combined, and the filter material has now developed to the fourth. Generation, namely particulate air filter material (HEPA), which is still being continuously updated. It is also considered to add some chemical catalytic purifiers to the filter media to strengthen and improve the performance and effect of the air purifier, which are all given to the air purifier. New development prospects.

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