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Difference Between Air Pruifier AC Motor And DC Motor #dcmotor
Jan 18, 2019


AC motor technology:

– Motor speed is affected by power supply rate
– Small speed range
– Speed control is difficult
– large size and high noise


Brushless DC motor technology:

– The speed is not affected by the power frequency
– Large speed range
– Stepless speed regulation, automatic control of speed can be achieved by closed loop control and temperature or wind pressure monitoring technology
– Large starting torque
-High speed limit


Energy saving

AC motor technology:

– Motor efficiency is 40% less ‘50%
– 200W power consumption when outputting 100W

Brushless DC motor technology:

– High motor efficiency 60-70%
– 150W when outputting 100W, saving more than 30%



AC motor technology:

– large energy loss
– low efficiency
– The motor temperature rises
– low reliability

Brushless DC motor technology:

– low energy loss
– efficient
– low motor temperature rise
– high reliability


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