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Cup: How Much Do You Know About Hydrogen-rich Water Cups?
Jan 15, 2019

Hydrogen-rich water cup, also known as water glass, originated in Japan. According to Japanese medical research, active small molecule hydrogen can provide comprehensive antioxidant protection for the body, which is characterized by metabolic function repair, immune regulation, elimination of inflammation, improvement of allergies. Prevent cell mutation (anti-cancer and anti-cancer), promote tissue repair, anti-aging beauty and beauty.


At the same time, hydrogen is more soluble in water after decomposition. We know that hydrogen is usually insoluble in water. Therefore, only after molecular refinement can it be integrated into water to a certain extent, and the hydrogen content can be increased. .

When the hydrogen molecule content in the water is increased above 0.88 ppb, the hydrogen molecules in the water will rapidly enter the blood circulation after drinking, and the hydrogen molecules can balance the oxidative free radicals in the blood, so that the blood can increase the activity and avoid the decrease of oxygen content of the platelets. The blood is thick and so on.


Thereby achieving a certain degree of avoidance of disease.

However, hydrogen molecules are not omnipotent. Even after decomposing hydrogen-rich water, the content is not more than 1.22 ppb. Therefore, the intake is not high. Therefore, long-term drinking is required to achieve efficacy.

But our health still needs daily efforts to exercise, maintain a good attitude, healthy diet, pay attention to rest.

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