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Know The Six Points Of The Air Purifier, And You Can Feel At Home After A Haze.
Jan 17, 2019

With the development of the industrial economy, the city's air quality has also declined. The air pollution we face includes: outdoor smog, automobile exhaust, industrial waste gas, PM2.5, soot, dust, benzene, ammonia released from indoor furniture. TVOC, odor, mold and other harmful gases, it can be said that harmful gases are everywhere, in order to improve the quality of living air, many people have purchased air purifiers, many new home owners want to buy an air purifier, the following is for everyone Learn about the use of air purifiers.

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First, the working principle of the air purifier

The working principle of the air purifier is mainly divided into three types: passive, active, active and passive hybrid. According to the air purifier for airborne particulate removal technology, there are mainly mechanical filter type, electrostatic electret filter type, high voltage electrostatic dust collection, negative ion and plasma method.

Second, the use of air purifiers

1. The filter must be replaced regularly. More than half of the people will ignore the problem of filter replacement. Many users have used the air purifier after they have purchased the machine and have never used the filter. The filter of the air purifier will lose its purification ability after using for a period of time, and many air pollutants are accumulated inside, and these air pollutants are stored in the air purifier body for a long time, and it is easy to breed harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses. Long-term use of filter elements that do not change, not only can not purify the air, but will lead to secondary pollution of indoor air in the home. Imagine buying a three or four thousand air purifiers, but only because there is no negligence to replace the filter elements in time, not only the air purifiers are ineffective, but also cause secondary pollution, which threatens the family's respiratory safety.

2. Regularly clean the filter to extend the life filter. Generally, it needs to be replaced after one year. The specific time should also refer to the actual situation of air pollution in your area. In addition, regular cleaning of the filter can effectively extend the life. For example, the purifier outlet, the air inlet, and especially the internal filter element should be properly wiped and dusted for half a month or a month. (There are better professional tools, no professional tools can use the hair dryer. Blowing the surface layer of the filter can greatly extend the life of the filter and reduce the cost of filter replacement (generally, the price of a filter for a set of air purifiers is generally between 400 and 600). In addition, some filter elements in the machine can be washed, and it can be washed regularly with water. (Please consult the merchants who buy the brand yourself)

3, indoor center placement effect is better for the pursuit of beauty, many users will put the purifier in a certain corner of the room, I do not know, this is wrong, put the machine in a corner, far away from the purification The effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, try to put the air purifier indoors near the center, such as the living room, next to the coffee table in front of the TV, let the air purifier 360 ° clean indoor air. In the bedroom, you can put the air purifier near the bed and put the air outlet on the side of the bed so that you can breathe in the fresh air with a good night's sleep.

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4. After the wind is turned on, turn to the small wind air purifier. It is recommended to open the wind and quickly filter the indoor air. After 30 minutes, it is recommended to turn the middle or small air volume to keep the indoor air in order, and avoid the noise. Go to the family to rest!

5, long-term power to avoid direct contact with the air purifier after opening, the fuselage will produce a higher voltage inside, it is recommended not to direct contact, especially when the filter screen, must be powered off.

6, keep the doors and windows closed, proper ventilation When using the air purifier, in order to avoid the invasion of outdoor dust, germs, PM2.5, and in order to improve the efficiency of the machine, it is recommended to keep the doors and windows closed (know, open the window to open the air purifier, external The polluted air will continue to erode, and the air will never be purified. Therefore, the window should be closed when the purification is started. However, the long-term closed environment is likely to cause air turbidity and bacterial growth. It is recommended that when you first go home, first open the window for ventilation, and after half an hour, close the doors and windows and open the air purifier to filter the air, the effect is better.

The air purifier is a new type of electric appliance produced by the current serious pollution of air quality. The air purifier has a great effect on improving the quality of our living air. I hope that the above contents will help you to use the air purifier.

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