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Olansi Analysis Of The Principle Type And Development Prospects Of Air Purifiers
Jan 14, 2019

Air purifier manufacturers, Olansi conducted in-depth research in order to enable consumers to better understand the types and development prospects of air purifiers.

The air purifier removes microorganisms in the air by means of physical retention such as filtration and adsorption, and purifies indoor air, which belongs to the category of physical dust reduction.

2019.01.14 olansi family

(1) Main principles of air purifier

After years of research on air purifiers, Olansi air purifier manufacturers have continuously studied and summarized the working principle of the following six air purifiers.

1.The mesh structure in the criss-crossing of the filter material mechanically blocks the mesh interception of various particles in the air.

2.According to the micro-porous structure of different pore diameters in the air filter, the filter material can retain particles with a diameter of 0.1 μm, and the ordinary filter material can also retain particles smaller than 05 μm.

3.Electrostatic adsorption retention, when the filter fiber is charged, it can adsorb oppositely charged particles and microorganisms in the gas flowing through.

4.Inertia collision, the particles in the air are blocked by the movement of the airflow impinging on the surface of the filter fiber.

5.Gravity sedimentation, the particles suspended in the air are deposited by the filter material and adhere to the surface of the fiber due to the action of gravity.

6.By the negatively charged negative ions combined with the fly ash particles in the air, they become negatively charged particles, which are adsorbed by the positively charged negative ion generator.

(2) Air purifier product type

At present, in the indoor air purifier market, most of the filters, adsorption and dust removal, negative ions occur mainly, mainly electrostatic, mechanical, negative ion generation and other air purifiers, most of which are based on the above principles, but also Some products have more than one single function, but a combination of multiple functions.


(3) Suitable conditions for air purifier

Olansi tells everyone that during the operation of the air purifier, personnel are free to move indoors without any restrictions or influence.

(4) Advantages and disadvantages of air purifiers

The home indoor air purifier has the characteristics of flexible operation, simple use, no residue and sustainable action. It is a good helper for the family to purify the air. However, such purifiers, mainly based on dust removal and negative ions, can only retain microorganisms, and Can not kill it, negative ion purifier is only to adsorb particles and microorganisms in the air to the surface of objects such as negative ion generators and ground walls. The negative ions in the air only have some chemical properties, such as active oxygen ions. Only has the ability to invade proteins to kill microorganisms, so the ability of negative ions to purify the air is limited, and it is impossible to achieve the goal of complete purification.

(5) Development prospects of air purifiers

Filtration adsorption is a traditional method of purifying air. Now, on the basis of some air purifier manufacturers, in order to improve the purification ability, the filter, static electricity and high-field ultraviolet anion are combined, and the filter material has now developed to the fourth. Generation, namely particulate air filter material (HEPA), which is still being continuously updated. It is also considered to add some chemical catalytic purifiers to the filter media to strengthen and improve the performance and effect of the air purifier, which are all given to the air purifier. New development prospects.

(6) Precautions during use of the air purifier

The air purifier should pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning. The operator should pay attention to personal protection to prevent artificial secondary pollution during the maintenance of the purifier.

2019.01.14-01-olansi family

Olansi have many years of research and development experience, to explain the application of air purifier negative ion purification technology for consumption.

1.Basic principle Negative ions are used by negative ion generators to catalyze molecules in the air through high electric fields to generate positive and negative ions. This positive and negative ions can adsorb uncharged neutral molecules together, condense into air ion clusters and fall on the surface of the object. Negative ions mainly rely on charged ions to combine with particles in the air, especially microbial particles, to form a large number of particles to agglomerate and thus quickly settle to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

2.A 35W multi-function negative ion purifier is turned on for 60min in a 50min space. The number of negative ions measured at 50m3 is 200,000-800,000/m3, and the removal rate of microbial particles in the air is 70%-90%.

3.The qualified personnel can move freely indoors without leaving, and the operation of the purification equipment has no adverse effect on the human body.

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