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Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd. History

- Dec 05, 2018 -

Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd. History

2009   Olansi’s first year, Water purifier put into production

           Olansi launch water purifier production line

2010   Olansi launch air purifier production line

2011   Olansi got ISO9001 audit

           All of Olansi air purifier got CE CB ROHS ERP CQC certificate

2013   Olansi launch hydrogen water production line

           All of hydrogen water got FDA,CE certificate

2014   Olansi cooperated with Haier, Westinghouse, Cooks, TIENS, AKIRA, Webber etc

           Olansi technical improvement, use H13&H14 filters;Achieved products patents;

           Imported equipment from overseas.

2015   Establish injection molding workship, full industrial chainoperation.

          Introduce ERP system to realize digital marketing

          Establish a product evaluation center

2016  The filter product evaluation center

           Hydrogen-rich water machine products are put into production

2017  The construction of the Olansi Health Industry Park was officially started.

           24,000 square meters of land, expanding scale

Olansi Strength

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