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Olansi New Factory #olansi
Jan 29, 2019

The Olansi Healthcare Industry Science and Technology Park project is located in Nansha, Guangzhou, and belongs to the area of the Rugao Town. The project product planning and construction covers an area of more than 40 acres, building high-end business districts, ten-level dust-free production workshops, international advanced production equipment, living and working facilities and other high-quality areas to create a more standardized and more standardized health industry science park.


The R&D bases that will be built in succession will become the headquarters of Olansi for domestic and foreign markets and actively participate in the international market competition. It will actively help the Australian health industry to impact the domestic and international markets, and complete the Olansi healthcare brand from manufacturing to creation and speed. The transformation of quality and products to the brand has created a new highland for the development of the health industry.

The successful start of Olansi healthcare Co., Ltd’s headquarters and R&D production base marks another solid step in the development of Olansi. While pursuing its own development and better serving the market and customers, Aolans will actively move toward higher and better advanced manufacturing, and show the world the strength of the health industry brand with a good corporate outlook!


Olansi healthcare Co.,Ltd specializes in OEM/ODM services such as air purifiers, water purifiers, hydrogen-rich water cups, and hydrogen-rich water machines. It is in design, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing and other aspects. We have ushered in a long-term stable and high-speed development, and realized management informationization, digitization, production automation, and intelligence. Adhering to the corporate spirit of “Dare to dare to dare to break through, dare to dare to be responsible”.

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