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Olansi Smart New Humidifier Air Purifier K08E Olansi Smart New Humidifier Air Purifier K08E
Feb 12, 2019

1.Full of youthful spirit,   as the sun rising in the east

The features of a simple geometric figure, stands for modern elegance.

The circle shows up from the right (east), increases air quality display lights around it, likes a beautiful sunrise.

2.Visual divergence and aggregation

The top outlet grid is shown in the form of sunlight, increases the visual divergence effect

Simple operation interface, is clear at a glance

Plating bright lines around, sets off the whole sense of reality of the top

3.Simple and elegant, scientific and modern

Young and flexible lines, likes leaping on the ground, so smart gesture

4.Small size, great efficiency

Application area 31-54m²

Full | 488m³/h, particulate matter CADR value

Fast | 9min/time, 20㎡ room purification

Comfortable | a good angle of human breath

5.5-layer filters, thorough purification

• 1st:  Dust-collecting alloy recombined filter net

• 2nd:  Cold catalyst filter net

• 3rd:  Beehive activated carbon filter net

• 4th:  Antibacterial cotton filter net

• 5th:  H11 grade HEPA Highly efficient filter net

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