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Precautions During Use Of The Air Purifier
Feb 13, 2019

Air purifiers need regular maintenance, cleaning and disinfection. Operators should pay attention to personal protection to prevent artificial secondary pollution during the maintenance of the purifier.


Olansi air purifier manufacturers have years of research and development experience, to explain the application of air purifier negative ion purification technology for consumption.
1 Basic principle Negative ions are used by negative ion generators to catalyze molecules in the air through high electric fields to generate positive and negative ions. This positive and negative ions can adsorb uncharged neutral molecules together, condense into air ion clusters and fall on the surface of the object. Negative ions do not have bactericidal ability. They mainly rely on charged ions to combine with particles in the air, especially microbial particles, to form a large number of particles to agglomerate and thus quickly settle to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.
2 Tests show that a 35W multi-function negative ion purifier is turned on for 60min in 50min space, and the number of negative ions measured at 50m3 is 200,000-800,000/m3, and the clearance rate of microbial particles in air is 70%-90%.
3 The qualified personnel can move freely indoors without leaving, and the operation of the purification equipment has no adverse effect on the human body.

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