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What Is Air Pollution Struction And Harmful?
Jan 28, 2019

Air pollution struction
Air pollutants include smoke, steam, charred paper (CharredPaper), Dust, Soot, Grime, CarbonFumes, gas, Mist, Order, granular ParticulateMatter, Radioactive Materials, toxic chemicals (NoxiousChemicals), or other outdoor atmosphere.
Harmful for air pollution
The harm of air pollution to human health includes both acute and chronic. When a person is exposed to high concentrations of pollutant air for a period of time, it will immediately cause poisoning or other symptoms, which is an acute hazard.

Chronic hazard

The mountain fire caused serious pollution of the atmosphere


It is a long-term exposure of people in the air of low-concentration pollutants, and the cumulative effect of pollutant harm causes people to develop symptoms.

The Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) is an indicator determined by the US Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies to determine the degree of air pollution from 0 to 500. The relationship between this indicator value and health impact is divided into the following five levels:

Index value

0~50 Health Effects: Good

51~100 (Good) Medium

101~199 (Moderate) : Bad

200~299 (Unhealthy) : Extremely bad

300~350 (Very Unhealthy): Harmful

350~500(Hazardous): Danger


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