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Working Principle Of Water Purifier
Jun 19, 2018

Level 1: microfiltration membrane: microfiltration membrane removes all kinds of visible objects / dust and impurities in tap water. These particulate matter comes from aging pipes, rust, two pollution of roof tanks and so on.

Grade second: compressed carbon: compressed carbon removes chlorine and organic impurities, such as harmful pesticides. It also absorbs odors, colors and odors produced by organic compounds in water, which are derived from tap water disinfection by-products.

Grade third: ultrafiltration membrane: ultrafiltration membrane can remove bacteria, viruses and spores in water.

Fourth level: filter core life indicator: the inside of the device is designed for the gear structure. As the flow passes, the gear rotates in an axial direction, until the outlet is blocked. The flow can not pass, that is, the total water purifier is calculated by the designed stroke to ensure the safety of the water. 

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